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I beg your indulgence, dear readers. It is my finals week and, as such, I haven’t prepared a suitable rant… I have been watching more new anime, though. A couple winners, a few real stinkers and another anime in which Oda Nobunaga is my favorite character. He is just on FIRE this season. (Well, maybe not yet… but he will be, poor guy.)


So, the new season is upon us and the old season is over… and there were disappointments. The last episode of an anime is something that leaves a lasting impression of the show as a whole. Since the audience doesn’t get another episode, they will often think of the last one they saw when talking about that anime in the future! If you had asked me about either of my key offenders two weeks ago, I would have said they were decent shows… The last episode, however, is the place where decent shows either transcend or get discarded. Welcome to the garbage bin.

First up, Onii-chan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!!… the anime whose name I will never again type after this post. Heck, I just noticed that I misspelled Dakara in the tag the first time I talked about it… and I just can’t be bothered enough to fix that.  This anime was funny, yeah… but at the end of the day, it is just another harem show. I saw hope in its genre-savvy ecchiness… but no. You know what happened the last episode? The same thing that happened every other episode. No closure. No meaning. No depth. The same. Old. Routines. After you have seen the same sort of harem bickering and interactions… you begin to gain a sort of clairvoyance. You begin to see ahead half a minute…. hey, hot soup and two bickering girls… bet that is going to hit his crotch… called it… IT GETS DULL! I originally thought from the first few episodes that Onii-etc would be different. I mean… we had the not-a-blood-sister… the “childhood sexfriend”… there were setup points… but it was just the same-old same-old… There are some shows so interesting that you can forgive a “nothing really happens” ending… this was not one of them.

Actually, quick side note… the “nothing really happens” ending is entirely different from the “life goes on” ending. The first one maintains a status quo in hopes for more seasons. The second says that this continues, but that this continuing is only a natural extension of us, as the audience, having only a brief time with the characters. If the “life goes on” ending gets a second season, we REJOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (See Genshiken 2, School Rumble 2 (but not 3) and Arakawa Under the Bridge) But… if a “nothing really happens” anime gets another season… you see more of the same old same-old. If Onii-etc got another season… I wouldn’t pick it up. Not unless someone told me that he made a freaking choice and married one! ..not that most harem anime do that, out of fear of losing fanfiction-based audience. (Tenchi Muyo GXP goes the other way, though. ^_^)

The other major headscratcher was Kore wa Zombie desu ka? I’m… not entirely sure the anime had an end… I mean… suddenly, someone pulled the drama tag and there were super-powered beings… and one of the better harem choices was going to explode because she had a fire guy inside her… and… the heck? Plot spaghetti is what we are left with. There is nothing here. This is a miserable pile of shredded hopes and dreams. This isn’t even like Death Note, where it feels like the writer died and was hidden in a closet while his aides tried to figure out where he wanted the story to go… This feels like the author had ideas for a 48 episode anime and wanted to reference each and every arc in as vague and rapid-fire a way as possible… and then return things to their places just in case they get a second season… I haven’t read the manga or the light novels… maybe the pacing is better over there.

I will tell you one thing that didn’t disappoint, though… Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji. Kaiji was THE most intense anime about rock-paper-scissors I’ve ever seen. That isn’t a fair description of the show, but it is really hard to sum up the awesomeness in this show about gambling, human nature and bad decisions. When I saw that it had a second season coming, I was so very, very happy. The first episode didn’t disappoint. I heartily recommend its first season to anyone.

I intend to watch some of the new shows this week. By about two weeks from now, I should have a general feeling about a couple of them… hopefully I can find some winners… hopefully.





So, here we are, 4 or so episodes into the winter season. What caught my eye this season? Well, let me tell you, the real winner is STILL:

Bakuman: A+

Bakuman is still everything that I want out of it in its second season. Perhaps it has even become more! That last episode I watched ended with one of those “OH SHI- I feel a dynamic shifting!” sort of moments. I’m really glad to see TakaxMiyo getting some more play in the show and I will happily watch it until the last episode at this rate. Great stuff. But you aren’t here to find out about Bakuman, you are here to hear my opinion on the new stuffs! Let me let you in on my experiences.

Kore wa Zombie desu ka?: B

That translates out into “Is this a Zombie?” This anime is a pretty strong B-lister. It is a sort of gag-comedy based harem anime. Your main character was killed by a serial murderer and raised as a zombie. He retains his personality and, in fact, actually seems to have only benefited from the process, so long as he stays out of prolonged exposure to sunlight. You get a group of other weird girls that pop up, a Magical Girl, a Necromancer, a Vampire Ninja… it is entertaining enough… but it isn’t going to be a classic anytime soon. I will not twist your arm to make you watch this one, but it hasn’t been bad for me so far.

Onii-chan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakra ne!!: A

This one is a mouthful and it comes out to something alone the lines of “I don’t love my brother at all!!” This is the type of ecchi I REALLY enjoy. The sort that is well aware of the tropes of its own genre and knows where to poke fun. The main character is a younger sister who has a thing for her big brother. She is slowly trying to lure him into a forbidden romance, but then she finds out that they aren’t actually blood relatives. This actually REALLY depresses her for a bit, because suddenly the awesome taboo is lost… but then she realizes that their love might have a future now! Ah, but a rival appears! I’ve been enjoying this one a lot and, especially if you’ve watched a lot of this sort of anime, I recommend it heartily.

Wolverine: B+/A

Short in America, big in Japan. Wolverine isn’t pulling any punches here. AIM guys get stabbed bloodily… our boy does his classic heal nonsense… he falls in love again, because we know he has a thing for Japanese women… it is pretty much what you would expect from a Wolverine anime. That is a good thing! If you watched Iron Man, this is pretty much the same sort of deal… I’m actually really impressed, though, with just how well Wolverine works as an anime protagonist… I mean the guy has always screamed red-blooded blade-wielding protagonist. Still, we can never have enough Wolverine… I mean being on 3 super hero teams and running 2 or 3 solo plots is barely enough for a guy like him. It is a B+ for folk who generally enjoy Wolverine and a decent A for people who can name at least 3 superhero teams that Wolverine has been on and 2 women he has been in love with.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica: A+

I am REALLY enjoying this one. Studio Shaft has done it again. I talked about this one in another rant, so not too much to add here. It is just really interesting watching this one and seeing just how deep they can make the magical girl genre go! There are some serious dyed-in-the-wool fans that tell me that Magical Lyrical Nanoha can do deep… but I tried Nanoha… and it just didn’t catch me. This one had me going “Wow, this is different and interesting” by the first episode. By the third episode I knew that this was a winner that I could gladly watch until the series ended. Great stuff here.

Those are the ones from the new season that I’ve had time to watch. I’ve actually been doing schoolwork this semester, which cuts down on my general anime-watching time a bit. If there is another new release you love, let me know. I’ll give it a watch and toss it up here.

Oh, and, as always, One Piece is S ranked.