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Ladies and Gentlemen, I return. I write this entry fresh back from A-Kon 22, in Dallas, Texas. As always, it was packed full of anime lovers of all sorts. Cosplayers, crossdressers, freaks, geeks, sneaks, vocaloids that gnaw on leeks, pugs, mugs, bugs, lugs, and a few normal folk thrown in for good measure. As always, the crowd at A-Kon is a wonder to behold. The great thing is that, in any given room, you are not the weirdest person there. There is a wonderful feeling of acceptance I always enjoy at conventions. There is a brotherhood of men, like-minded individuals that accept your eccentricity.

As far as A-kon observations go, one thing struck me about this year’s convention when I compare it with previous years. There wasn’t that anime this year. In previous years, there has often been a singular anime that dominated the collective consciousness. There were floods of Code Geass lovers last con, Death Note lovers before them, and so on. This year, I was greeted by a modest sampling of Panty and Stocking cosplayers, but not really on the same scale. Perhaps this is some sort of reflection of the anime of last season? The One Piece and Bleach cosplayers continue unabated, but there isn’t really an outpouring of new costumes for this last season. It makes me wonder if there will be a big hit anime before next A-Kon that will cause another cosplay frenzy.

Though, shifting topic slightly, one thing I always enjoy every year is seeing what non-anime things are popular amongst the community. Do you know what I found massive love for this year? My Little Pony. I mean, I’ve seen My Little Pony fan-stuff before, cards with pictures of a Jack Sparrow pony… or a Sephiroth pegasus… that sort of deal, but not in any large numbers. This year, however, there was a great deal of grassroots support for My Little Pony, thanks almost entirely to the amazing show reboot My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

I know what some of you are thinking. “Really, Tom? You come back from A-Kon and all you want to talk about is My Little Pony?!” Let me assure you, this show is serious business. I had several pony-based conversations with many different folk at the convention. I heard large groups of people singing the theme song multiple times. I saw pony cosplayers… thankfully none in freaky fursuits, just sweatpants and accessories, but the point is that they were present… and I got to thinking that that might mean something. The show itself is wonderful. You should watch it, regardless of age or gender, as it is one of those marvelous shows that has multiple-level writing with classic, timeless values attached. The entire series can be viewed for free on YouTube, so you really have no excuse on this one. Here, watch the first episode. I will wait.

Welcome back. It has been 5 hours! How many episodes did you watch?! Seriously though, I first watched the series as a joke with a friend… then secretly, as a clandestine pleasure… then openly with peers. Now, I’m blogging about it. Internet, I love this show and I’m not alone. This stuff is spreading like some sort of pony-based wildfire. Tell your friends: Ponies are serious business, even at anime conventions.



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