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This season is kicking my butt. I’m trying to keep up with all the anime I’m interested in while trying new ones… but I’m falling behind, horribly.  There is an overwhelming amount of stuff on my “To Watch” list… but I’m working on it. Sorry for the weeks of not posting. Post-semester depression + writer’s block + distractions + anime back log = zero productivity. However, consistency was my blog’s only real strength, so here I am again. This time for sure! So, without further padding, here is the next batch of impressions for the current (can’t really call it new anymore) season.

Ao no Exorcist: I’m really liking this one. It is a pretty standard shonen anime, but the visuals are beautiful and the execution is very well done. The main character finds out rather quickly that he is actually the son of Satan, lord of the demonworld. He decides that he doesn’t like the idea of his biological father using him as some sort of super-evil pawn and, instead, becomes an exorcist intent on defeating demons. It has a certain flair and I haven’t heard anyone scream out move names just yet, only religious text. Watch it.

A-Channel: So, A-Channel is an interesting little slice of life anime about four girls in highschool. One of the girls has some sort of quasi-lesbian friendship with the girl who is closest to what we could call a “main character”, alas she is in a different class. This causes all sorts of interesting personal drama, and gives us an interesting set of side characters in the form of the first girl’s friends from her class. Most other people in the school, however, are forgettable background characters.  The main story  is about the interaction between the four girls when they get together after classes or during lunch breaks. They talk about things relevant to their interests, we see them play video games, eat out, watch things on TV… mostly, we just watch them be their charming selves… and there is nothing wrong with that. I find it refreshing and relaxing. I enjoy it. I would have to say that A-Channel is- What? Wrong picture? But I… oh. OH! Sorry! That is Lucky Star, a completely different anime entirely.

How Embarrassing.

Hyouge Mono: The lascivious beauty of this terracotta piece shakes my soul to its very core. This is an anime about a fictional general in the Sengoku period named Furuta Sasuke, who knows the value of works of art. Trying to balance his life as a warrior and his life as a man of art, he serves the always awesome Oda Nobunaga. Once again, Nobunaga is My Favorite Character, making him my favorite character in THREE separate anime this season. The anime is full of awesome sengoku stuff, but with an odd twist… from the disco opening to the enemy general’s hairpiece… there are little twists that keep things just a little bit disconnected from the history upon which it is based… and yet, it is one of the more faithful sengoku anime I’ve seen in recent years. Loving it.

HenZemi: This… anime… you know how there are those anime that are so over-the-top, so strange, so surreal, so OUT OF THE NORM CRAZY that you can’t stop watching them? Yeah… this isn’t one of them. HenZemi is trying too hard. HenZemi wants to be weird, it wants to be strange. It wants to be so out of it that you will love it… but instead it just comes off as annoying. I gave it two episodes, I really did… but I just can’t tolerate it. The animation style isn’t to my taste, the jokes aren’t to my taste, the characters aren’t to my taste… everything is… off. I would much rather watch Zetsubou-Sensei or NHK or Arakawa Bridge or any of the other odd anime I love. Feel free to take a pass on this one.

Deadman Wonderland: I want to make it perfectly clear, Deadman Wonderland has my seal of approval. I certainly did NOT cover up any sort of watermark from any sort of amazing anime downloading website. I mean no disrespect to my anime-teachers, it is JUST a seal of approval. So, Deadman Wonderland! This is a really interesting anime… and a new personal best time for My Favorite Character. I think it is really one of those anime that will be best when it comes out of DVD/Blueray, because then you will get to see the unedited version. As it is, there is a lot of the anime you can’t see because of censor-shadows. That being said, the anime holds up just fine without the gore. The premise is extremely interesting and, while I’m not up-to-date with it, the two episodes I have seen were just dandy!

Astarotte no Omocha: This is an anime that fails to live up to its premise, but that is fine. It sells itself as a story about a fledgling succubus who will need to consume the “Seed of Life” from men to survive, but has to overcome a crippling phobia of malefolk. Forgetting about that, it is the story of a twin-tailed blonde loli tsundere with that same tsundere voice-actress, who has daily life happenings with the rather pure main character. It has some interesting family drama going on and I’m enjoying watching it. Moreover, the main character’s tsun streaks seem less PSYCHOPATHIC than your average tsundere. Where-as that voice actresses has had tsun moments involving attempted homicide before, this time we only get social awkwardness. Excellent. It is watchable. Added points if you love little blonde girls who verbally abuse older men. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

Trigun: If you enjoyed Code Geass or Death Note, you certainly shouldn’t pass THIS anime up! Boy howdy, this is the best new anime ever for people who enjoy Code Geass or Death Note. Oh man, if I could watch this after watching Code Geass or Death Note, I certainly would. Yes, sir! If you like Code Geass and Death Note, watch this. Definitely the best anime this season for Code Geass or Death Note lovers!



    It might be the same premise… but the characters are different. If the anime is based on what happens to the characters and what the characters perceive then the anime will be different. You won’t see multiple anime conventions or field trips to the Akihabara because you don’t have the hardcore anime fan. Also, you can’t say that one of these characters is completely forgettable. You leave my slice of life anime alone.

    You forgot Les Mis.

    The manga for Deadman is great so far. Can’t wait to watch the show.

    • I’m not saying they are the same. I’m just saying that they have a very similar setup. I love the slice of life genre. I’m enjoying it so far…

      And I haven’t seen a second episode of Les Mis so far…

        • Jordan Watkins
        • Posted May 24, 2011 at 5:45 am
        • Permalink

        Go ****** that shit. Now.

  2. Someone seems to be pushing some Trigun onto contemporary anime fans. . .
    I see absolutely no problem with this.

    • When some L-cosplaying teenager shrieks to me at an anime convention that Death Note is the best anime ever… I feel this in my heart. There will come a day when I head off to A-Kon and they are 20-something elitists who say “Our generation had the best anime, remember Death Note?” And I will be the 30-something guy who says nothing.

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