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I know… I know… I missed it again. I’ll update sometime this week, honest… just not this Monday, apparently. Anyone have anything interesting they want to talk about? I got nothing. I’ve been watching some more anime since I last posted… but it feels kinda off to just talk about those like my last 2 posts… especially since Oda Nobunaga is ONCE AGAIN my favorite character. Anyways, tossing this up as a place-holder. Real update coming tomorrow… hopefully.



  1. Talk about Les Mis, or A-Channel, or Fucking yourself.

  2. We could talk about the encounters the protagonist of Ergo Proxy meets in his journey fill two simultaneous roles: that of external conflict towards the obvious goal, and the internalized conflict of the individuation process.

    Or auto-sexuality.

  3. Like i said you should write about why listening to me is a good idea and has never lead you down the wrong path…. AND GO FUCKING WATCH GAD GUARD!!!

  4. We could talk about the new My Little Ponies and Looney Tunes.

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