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So sorry, beloved community! I had a pile of math homework that I worked on today rather than my post! I missed Monday! I shall post something worthwhile here shortly.

Though, I have to say, I looked at the list of new anime coming out… OMG KAIJI! That is a must watch for me. Sorry once again! >_<



  1. Umm… isnt… isnt kaiji the anime a few years old. But fuck yeah new banner of the stars Its been 6 years, also we finally get a Final Fantasy anime based off one of the games, awesome.

    • ahh season two of Kaiji, didn’t consider that. Even though i just fangirled out about what is essentially the fifth iteration of one of my favorite animes.

      • AND NEW BEYBLADE AND YUGIOH! YES! *cries* Why do they keep making this shit?

        But yeah, I’m excited. I loved the heck out of the first Kaiji.

    • I’m hopeful for the new banner but… visions of Rosario to Vampire level failure are running through my head. Jinto… Lafiel… you guys would never betray and dissapoint me… RIGHT??

  2. Where are you guys getting info about new anime from?

    • the same way i’ve done for years, in google type in “season” “year” anime (ex spring 2011 anime), then click on images and click the black poster looking image with all the smaller pictures on it. like this

  3. My list you ask?

    Deadman Wonderland

    The World God Only Knows II

    Maria Holic: Alive

    A Channel

    Hidan no Aria

    Hen Zemi



    Ambitious to say the least. But it’s not like I don’t have the space… probably download them and watch them during the summer… Damn this grad school taking all my time.

    • I am looking forward to God Only Knows part 2 and more Maria†Holic can’t be a bad thing… but Kaiji is the real winner in my heart.

        • Jordan Watkins
        • Posted April 7, 2011 at 9:08 pm
        • Permalink

        I just read the first volume of Deadman Wonderland. Seems very interesting.

  4. So I watched the first episode of Nichijou and… i want to like it i really do because its like other animes i’ve seen but thats the problem. I’ve seen this anime so many times before it just bothers me when i watch it. I keep saying to myself as i’m watching it “haha just like azumanga daioh… wait”, “haha yeah like Kyou no go no ni… wait”, “haha reminds me of that one part of lucky star… wait fuck, i mean pani poni dash, no i mean Hyakko and Hidamari sketch…. man fuck this” well I guess i’ll just have to wait until episode 2 to see if it takes me out of the jaded high school anime watching funk i’ve put myself in.

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