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Greetings, faithful readers! I am currently out of town celebrating my birth with friends! As such, I’m not giving you any sort of meaningful update this week. Instead, I will just say that I wish you the best sort of Valentine’s Day you can have. If you need a suggestion for something to do during the time in which you would normally be reading this post, might I suggest Puella Magi Madoka Magica? I’m still really enjoying that one. I shall return with normal updates next monday… no, I shall return with SLIGHTLY BETTER THAN AVERAGE UPDATES! Until then, have yourself a wonderful week.

Love & Peace



  1. If i don’t see the words “yankee”, “Kun”, “Megane”, “chan”, “onizuka”, “live”, “Poison”, “oh Oh”, or “prostate massage” in your next post i swear i’ll kick you in the dick!!!

    • Well, almost any of those WOULD make it an above average post. MAYBE I SHOULD COMPARE THE GTO LIVE ACTION WITH THE NEGIMA ONE!

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