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I can’t think of anything else I really feel like ranting about this week, so I would just like to express some pent-up rant about the late great Studio GONZO. I freaking miss GONZO! They made so many great anime… and a few real stinkers. You might even call me a bit of a GONZO fanboy. There was a time where my list of great GONZO anime began with the phrase “All of them except…” I encourage all of you to watch the great anime from GONZO if you haven’t already. I will list some of my favorites here, to guide you in the right direction… as well as a few that you should just avoid.


Blue Submarine No. 6

Blue Sub is my sort of post-apocalyptic. It is beautifully constructed and beautifully animated. It is pretty as well as pretty powerful. It is the sort of thing that makes you ask deep questions about what it means to be human or what is really important in life. Blue Sub is almost like a dream, really. The juxtaposition of the familiar and unfamiliar makes it almost surreal at times. Also, one of my favorite mad scientists of all time resides here. Good stuff.


A personal favorite of mine. Vandread has the right balance of comedy and action to keep you interested. The characters are well developed and likable. Visible character growth and bittersweet victories abound, which is always a plus in my book. The world is enjoyably science-fictiony with an interesting gender-based twist that will probably have you laughing 3 minutes into the first episode. Add in a fairly satisfying ending and you have a complete package. I enjoyed the fire out of it.


The original Hellsing isn’t as tightly bound to the manga as Hellsing Ultimate… but it still holds a special place in our hearts. GONZO did the great vampire justice in this one and it was an extremely enjoyable ride for the years before Ultimate came along. If you haven’t seen Hellsing, go watch Hellsing. If you are too lazy to watch Hellsing… here… have an abridged version of the first episode of Ultimate. If that doesn’t make you want to watch Hellsing… there is nothing to be done for you. Oh… uh… Warning: Language and mature content… and blood. Lots of blood. ^_^

Full Metal Panic!

The perfect blend of comedy and action. The balance that FMP had was just ideal. The series had the power to take things from noon to midnight and back again. Just when you think “Oh lord, it is all gone horribly wrong and it will never be right again!” the dawn comes. It is really great stuff, especially if you add on The Second Raid, though that one wasn’t GONZO.

Samurai 7

An anime re-envisioning of the Seven Samurai, which is an amazingly awesome movie that gets remade every few years. If you enjoyed the Magnificent Seven or A Bug’s Life, you might like this. If you have taste, you might like this. Oh, I should warn you though… they made this shit beautiful. Every episode is pretty except ONE. That episode had to suffer the pains of the animation budget… it isn’t pretty. It is right in the middle of the series and it will hit like a truck. That aside, this anime was absolutely awesome.

Welcome to the NHK

Welcome to the NHK is a journey. It is one man’s descent into madness… his recovery… his descent… his recovery… every time you think that Sato is on the right path, he will find a way to fall off the bandwagon. One great thing about this series is that if you watch the entire thing and then watch the first episode, your eyes will widen with understanding. The first episode foreshadows all the events of the series to come… not that any of the foreshadowing will make a lick of sense. This is an amazing, weird and wonderful anime. I recommend it whole-heartedly.


Do you want to feel soul-rending anguish? Do you want to sit in front of your monitor weeping and whispering “It just isn’t fair…” Bokurano will do that. This is an amazingly deep story about the lives of children when they are thrust into the position of sacrificing their lives to save the earth. If they don’t pilot the giant robot, the earth will be destroyed. If they do pilot it, they will die after piloting… that would do terrible things to most adults… but when you see what it does to these kids… Oh, the divine pain! This is the best sort of tragedy. Bring a box of tissues and maybe a razor. I recommend it with all my heartstrings.


Warning: The following anime are bad. Really bad. Avoid them.


Do you have that friend/coworker/family member who doesn’t really like anime and thinks you are some sort of strange pervert for watching any of it. Have you shown that person a few good anime and improved their opinion to the point where they are now willing to judge on a case-by-case basis? DON’T LET THEM EVER HEAR ABOUT GANTZ. Gantz is risque just for the sake of being risque and wrong for the sake of being wrong. It isn’t even enjoyable in the way it goes about it! It is just generally not good stuff.  If your friends ask about it, suggest anything else. Anything. Well… maybe anything except

Rosario to Vampire

I HEAR that RtV was a manga about one human surrounded by monsters. I HEAR that it is pretty edgy and deep. I HEAR that the manga is good stuff. Rosario to Vampire the anime, however, is just bad. Really bad. Horribly bad. Reused transformation sequences. Annyoing over-the-top gags. Painful running bits… I’ve seen one RtV manga fan scream at the monitor when the little bat mascot showed up on screen, such was his pain. It is the horrible, painful sort of re-imagining that makes fans shudder. Avoid it at all costs. If someone handcuffs you to a chair and starts playing it, gnaw off the hand.



  1. Has anyone tried reading the Gantz manga?

    I need to download hellsing and FMP and i guess Blue Sub 6…

    • what you’ve never seen blue submarine. OH GOD that was the fucking Golden age peak performance of toonami man. Brings a tear to my eye just remembering it. Ahh it was amazing and so edgy compared to all the other cartoons that were being shown on television at the time.

      • Indeed. Blue Sub was some beautiful stuff. I was honored to have caught it. I sat in a fucking TRANCE.

    • I’ve read a good portion of the Gantz manga. Its really messed up but awesome at the same time. Nice realistic art, some great character development on some people, and good action. Its very gory and with adult pictures that pretty much make it strictly for mature audiences only. Overall, its pretty good and I would recommend it for those who like Berserk-Style series.

      • Would you say the same of the anime? Hartxenon really liked the Rosario to Vampire manga.

        • Hartxenon
        • Posted January 22, 2011 at 12:07 am
        • Permalink

        I waited with the baited breath of a pure and wholesome maiden who’s life was about to be completed. That manga… oh god i loved it i had been following it for years I remember reading it and Mx0 weekly religiously. Then later i heard that an anime was in the works for Rosario and my little heart skipped a beat. Little did i know that this was the start to a long and sad string of failures and horrors. Soon after that the Mx0 manga was canceled due to a lack of interest by the japanese readers and all i had left was rosario. Did i get the edgy/fanservice/monster school anime i had fallen in love with in the manga?? No what i got was Gonzo taking a dump on my chest and adding some boobs and fanservice shots to it… i had learned to never trust them again… and then I saw Bokurano…


    Its amazing how the company that brought me Gad Guard, The Gatekeepers Series, Desert Punk, and Fucking Last Exile and Bokurano could just shit on my hopes and dreams of one of my favorite mangas becoming an anime. And they didn’t just smack us in the face with their small asian dicks and let it be oh no. Those fuckers, they made fucking season 2 its like they decided to kick us RtV manga fans in the dicks and while we were down they pissed in our asses just to prove their dominance…

    • *sniffle* And I miss them so!

  3. Thanks for posting this, I’m really enjoying me some Welcome to NHK! Although I feel pathetically sympathetic towards Satou-kun.

    • I AM Satou-kun. High School senpai and everything… wait… no… I don’t have a Misaki. Damn.

        • Jordan
        • Posted January 22, 2011 at 4:24 am
        • Permalink


        • Andy
        • Posted January 23, 2011 at 2:44 pm
        • Permalink

        Well my Misaki is almost as bad a hikikomori as I am, so she’s not much of a counselor.

        • Andy
        • Posted February 4, 2011 at 11:26 pm
        • Permalink

        Having finished the series now, I realize the previous comment was incorrect, my Misaki is very much Misaki, lol. But I do lack Senpai and Yamazaki!

  4. You can talk about good Gonzo series without mentioning Last Exile?

    Tsk tsk tsk.

    • I… didn’t really enjoy last exile. It seemed interesting… but I wasn’t fond of the characters it focused on for the first 6 or so episodes… I never finished it.

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