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So, I watched The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi. It. Was. Amazing. If you have ever been a fan of Haruhi, then you need to watch this. If you weren’t a fan of Haruhi before, this might convert you. Were you shaken away from the series by the Endless Eight? This is the karmic debt we payed, my friend. This is the gift that we earned with our hours of watching the same episode over and over with slight costume or shot changes… this is it. This is the big one. This is the sort of thing that fans can point to and say “THAT! That is everything that I love about this series distilled into a beautiful and brilliantly written movie!”

The major thing that gets me with this one is the EMOTION. There were a lot of meaningful lines that were delivered with the intensity or subtlety that they deserved. A harsh whisper, an passionate scream, this is the sort of work that really tests the quality of a voice actor. This was the place where all the shit hits all the fans that we’ve set up throughout the series. This is where we learn things about the characters that we didn’t even know we WANTED to know. There is a depth of feeling here that you don’t get from the average movie for the average series. I almost cried!

This smile still tears at my heart.

Okay, I’m back. Sorry, I had to go blow my nose. That is how powerful this shit is! I’m certain the scenes involving each fan’s favorite character would impact them differently, but there is something here for everyone! You like Tsuruya? She has some great lines! Are you a big fan of Taniguchi?! Your faith has been rewarded! Are you a fan of Itsuki, like myself? You are a fan of taste and sophistication who will be rewarded with a divine pain right to the heart. Are you a fan of Nagato? WHY HAVEN’T YOU WATCHED THIS MOVIE?! YOU CAN BARELY CALL YOURSELF A FAN AT THIS RATE!

The pacing of the movie is pretty wonderful, in my opinion. I can’t say it enough: “If you are a fan of Haruhi, this film will not disappoint.” We follow Kyon, we listen to Kyon’s narration. We view the other characters through the lens of Kyon. We view Kyon through the interaction with those around him… and, for the first time, we view Kyon through himself. I know that normally, I’m a spoiler-crazed man who will discuss endings and plot twists readily… but it is still too soon! I can’ t risk diminishing the experience for even a single person who hasn’t yet watched this movie! As such, if you have not yet watched the movie, stop reading and Go Watch The Movie.

Are they gone? Okay.


Phew. Sorry. Fangasm. There is a lot to talk about. This is the sort of work that gets the fanbase up and discussing in a good way. This is the exact opposite of what Serenity did for Firefly. Rather than capping off the series and killing off my favorite character. they made sure to craft a work that appealed to all the major branches of their fandom and get us up and interested again! This is the stuff that we really missed from the original series, the reasons that we fell in love with it in the first place. I invite you now, comment below. Tell us your favorite part. Tell us the thing you liked most. Talk about that theory you have. It doesn’t matter what you feel like talking about, so long as we talk about it! This is a movie worth fanning-out over.

For instance, something I want to fan-out about: after watching the movie, I decided that I would re-watch the series… episode 13 (5) contains some elements that are echoed in one of my favorite scenes in the movie, relating to my favorite character. The train filling the silence… what Itsuki says about Haruhi… oh, to think that such emotion was beneath the surface even here… thank you Disappearance!



  1. This is one of those movies where I get to do the daggered-stance-wink-thumbs-up-and-say-“A+” and I’m really glad it was this one! After watching the movie I immediately went online and ordered the Nendoroid Nagato Yuki set made specifically because of this movie, and now she sits next to me, in her alternate reality pose… and I can’t help gleeing every time I look over. This movie raises a huge question though: which Yuki is your favorite? I don’t think I can place a favorite, but a more reasonable answer based on finding someone in reality that imitates the character would of course be alternate reality Yuki. She’s a shy book girl, who the fuck doesn’t melt at that? When she grabs your sleeve at the elbow right as you’re about to leave… That small, yet profound action of intimacy, asking you to stay without yelling or demanding. OMGSOCUTEFFU- But of course the Yuki that we’ve all come to know is just as cute in her own unemotional way. She’s smart, game-endingly strong but doesn’t abuse her power, she’s helpful if you know what to ask, and she always leaves Kyon with choices! Usually he gets forced in situations, but with Yuki he gets to choose how things play out. Also, this movie opens up the possibility that through the continuing of occurrences, she might develop a greater sense of emotional ranges. Developing subtly over series, this reality gives you room for growth (not that the other doesn’t, just not the same). I agree with Kyon when he asks why they didn’t give her a personality, but I wouldn’t want it to be like Asakura, just doesn’t fit the character. Keeping her as the bespectacled, shy, book girl gives her her own type of moe that cannot be rivaled! In short, I guess I’d like both of them, together… as one… Oh well, things turned out well! The suspense of course was awesome, and the next movie/series will hopefully bring up some of the untied strands that were left hanging. Like the skirt at the top of the stairs: who was it? Was it an aberrant data entity that was left over from Asakura? Was it something more devious?!? WAS IT ITSUKI IN DRAG ? SO much to say about this movie!

    • I’m a bigger fan of the original Nagato, though that is probably just familiarity talking… and I’m pretty sure we can’t ENTIRELY rule out Itsuki in drag, but Mikuru or Nagato are more likely culprits… that entire last bit raises so many questions anyways…

      But Itsuki! Argh, my heart goes out to him! I feel his pain… he’s liked her this entire time, but she’s never chosen him. And the closed space incident, “I wish I could have spent more time with you and Suzumiya…” when viewed in light of this movie… oh, how much pain you can detect under there!

      But yeah, I think Nagato can grow through accumulated errors to eventually be something similar to the girl she would have rather been.

  2. LOVED IT!!!!!

    My heart really goes out to Nagato. When she was normal she was so cute in just her normal ways. >.< GOD!

    But I do prefer Haruhi. Her wildness and over the top personality. And her take charge personality. :3

    And I have to admit it. I thought it was Itsuki who caused the time change so that he could be with Haruhi. Never trust a man that smiles that much. . .

    • That might have been a good theory, but Itsuki only has power in Closed Spaces. Itsuki hides his pain behind that smile… it makes you go back and look at his other smiles throughout the series… like episode 13! Poor bastard! My heart goes out for him!

      But yeah… HaruxKyon seems to be the way of the world.

        • Hartxenon
        • Posted January 10, 2011 at 8:32 pm
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        Well actually Kyon seems to deal with Haruhi out of a small crush yes but in the light novels he does try some thing for Mikuru because there is a general like between the two of them that crosses time and space. However Mikuru had to stop these advances at her own expense cuz the future and present should not interact like that. I support Kyons fight against a god but if he does end up with Haruhi that is perfectly acceptable to me as well.

        • Hartxenon
        • Posted January 10, 2011 at 8:36 pm
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        Though what kind of life is it where much of your existence revolves around constantly trying to please and be in the good favor of a God… Oh wait…

    • See i for the most part believed it was Mikurus doing because due to the different worlds and times they come from along with keeping Haruhi happy Mikuru and Kyon never be happy together.

  3. my favorite part has got to be at the end where Natsuko stabs Kyon in the back, when he is about to shoot Nagato. FUCKING EPIC SCENE!

    • I agree with you whole-heartedly. I had honestly forgotten about her being alive again and WHAM. Also, welcome!

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