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I’m just gonna get straight to the point here.

Code Geass Sucks.


Calm yourself, LeLouch. I watched all of Code Geass. I even almost enjoyed some of it. As a whole, though, it was pretty forgettable stuff. The main problems I had with it were that the show’s tone was schizophrenic,  the main character was an unlikable mass of elitist ex-machina-infused complex and that despite all the build up and seriousness we end up with a perfect solution that renders everyone perfectly happy forever (Or ARE they? … by which we mean do we think we can crank out a sequel.)

I’ve talked at length about “the fallen prince” characters with my friend Andrew. I love Gundam’s Char Aznable because he is the true heir to a good king who battles evil on two sides while working through his plot for vengeance and justice. He dislikes Char because Char is some sort of divine chosen one, blessed with talent far surpassing other people who don’t just happen to be princes. I love Char because of how great Char allows himself to be, he dislikes Char for how not-great everyone else seems by comparison. It is just that too much awesome has concentrated on too handsome of a man with too much connection to the plot. He is so damned amazing that he lost Andrew somewhere in his radiance. I love him dearly because I view so much of what makes Char a badass as traits that he earned, not things that were simply given to him. His backstory only provides motivation in my mind, it isn’t the source or foundation of his power. All the power he built, he built as himself, by himself, under a false name and beginning as a grunt.

What does this have to do with LeLouch? Well… Andrew and I both hate the fallen prince here. You see, there are just too many convenient coincidences within the premise. We have a disowned prince who hates the king and just HAPPENS to get a super-power that HAPPENS to let him command a revolutionary force against his father who HAPPENS to have a similar super power, oh and by the way, the ace of his revolutionary force HAPPENS to be in his class and his childhood friend HAPPENS to become some sort of super-nemesis. Too much of LeLouch’s power comes from pure coincidence. He is painted as some sort of Chessmaster character  (heck, they even make him a literal Chessmaster!) but the problem is that he isn’t a Chessmaster so much as he is a Gary Stu, a Golden Child of the Author. Even his TRAGEDIES only serve to empower him! It isn’t him bending the world to his will, THE WORLD BENDS FOR HIM JUST FINE ON ITS OWN!

Hell, his superpower… the geass. He has the ability to issue one command to anyone who makes eye contact that they absolutely have to follow no matter what. That is, first of all, an oddly convenient power for a fallen prince to happen upon. I mean, after all, it lets him use his general better-than-you-ness to just take whatever he wants or do whatever he wants. If only he weren’t so stupid with his orders, he would have been even MORE powerful (Heaven forbid.) For instance,  if he issued the order “I LeLouch Vi Britania, command you to unquestioningly and unhesitatingly obey any order I issue beginning in the the phrase ‘Would you kindly,’.” Dear sweet lord! If  only he were that smart. I know the geass has that power, I mean when he tells his rival to “Live!” it causes him to nuke cities… surely the geass can handle the Bioshock programing… but no. He doesn’t think about the long term… which is really odd for a Chessmaster.

Actually, as far as his power goes, I think the author missed a perfect opportunity for something REALLY interesting. You see, there is a wasted character here… “Rivalz” (the Z is silent.) I was thinking one day and I thought “What if Rivalz had gotten the super power instead of LeLouch”… then he would have to manipulate and control Rivalz and use him as a tool of revenge rather than all of the appropriate tools just happening to fall in his lap. At least, with that degree of separation, he would have to convince the innocent and good-hearted Rivalz to turn down a path of war and bloodshed, despite having no personal involvement. It could have been a much deeper and psychologically compelling story. Here you have an innocent boy with amazing power and looming over his shoulder is an evil and twisted man bent upon control. “Cmon, Rivalz… we could rule the world… with your power… and my mind… we can dethrone my father…” Alas.

That’s another thing. I realize that the show can’t stay 100% serious all the time, but by god Code Geass, please decide if you are a happy pizza-loving show for all ages or a dark and depressing drama. We flip back and forth between everything being all sunshine and rainbows, to everything being darkness and LiveJournal and back again before you can say “Karen’s mom has a drug habit?” (Wait, Karen has a mom?) I mean, maybe it was to show how duplicitous and deceitful these characters are… but even the combat scenes do it. One minute we are gunning down civilians and hearing pilot death-screams… the next, all the pilots have names and NONE OF THEM DIE.

It is like the author was trying to work on a political story and said “You know what this needs? Gundam.” So, browsing through the gundam series throughout the years, he grabbed 8th MS team and SEED and said “I want to start off with some of the city combat and seriousness of this one… but I want to turn it into all of the angst and pointless over-the-top robot bullshit of this one.



You know the worst part, though? Despite all the buildup, despite all the pretensions of human suffering… the freaking story wasn’t tragic! In the end, everything turned out perfectly happy for everyone except for three characters that were “acceptable sacrifices for the greater good.” The Chinese guy with cancer? Fine and dandy. The little blind girl? Good to go. The main character is dead though, right? Nope. We had all hoped, but they left the bastard a loophole.

So… is anyone still unhappy at the end of this? Oh, the girl with glasses is still insane, but shes getting better? … seriously? Is that IT? World peace? Good will towards men? WHAT THE CRAP IS THIS?! Oh wait. I know what this is. This is the ending of Endless Waltz. “And the weapons called Mobile Suits were never seen again.”

I don’t know… CG:LotR was an extremely forgettable show and I just don’t know why it got as popular as it did… no… wait. I know exactly why it got as popular as it did. Fangirls. Freaking Fangirls. Oh well, at least, unlike Bleach, this one had the courtesy to DIE!

… or DID it?



  1. Oh, don’t forget to talk about Deathnote.

  2. Did you know they are making a third season of Code Geass?

    • Yep. It will continue in the tradition of being lackluster and generic. Especially since they got rid of all of their conflicts in the last one. Now we have to drum up some new badguys and new rivalries… which is to say: “We have to come up with a new show but cash in on the popularity of old characters”

  3. I am debating on mentioning a quote I once read regarding this series… but it may be out of line for this. Was more on the art than the characters, after all, but it’d probably apply to at least a few…

    • I read this comment as “I’m thinking of commenting. Hi, my name is Shane.” Speak, Shane! Let only God judge whether your actions were just. LeTom Vi America COMMANDS YOU!

  4. are you crazy or just dont have any common sense?
    CODE GEASS is the top one in anime top 100
    and you saying that code geass is sucks..

    ,,,L( ‘_’ ) .,!,.

    • Wow, it seems that in august of last year, a fanboy found their way onto my blog and read the first two lines. Yes, Code Geass sucks. I watched the entire thing and it really just didn’t have the quality of plot that the quality of animation deserved. It was a very pretty show, with very distinct character designs. It had a lot of cosplay potential… but really, when you get down to it, it was barely a blip on the radar in terms of anime, and certainly not anything groundbreaking. I find it interesting that you placed it in the top 100, and you are a fan. Is it in the 80 or 90 range?

      Instead of insulting me, implying that common sense is anyway related to taste in fiction, or horribly abusing both capitalization and the word “you’re,” you could perhaps offer some sort of justification? If my complaints aren’t justified, then feel free to argue for its quality. Instead of a little angry face, perhaps some arguments backed up within the original work? Maybe you could tell me about that time you felt like there weren’t gaping plotholes? Or that time you felt the high school sections didn’t clash HORRIBLY with the war sections, almost like they’d been forced in sideways?

      I’m honestly not expecting much, either way. Sorry it took so long to respond to your comment, I hadn’t been back to the website since July. ^_^

        • BJP
        • Posted January 19, 2012 at 6:02 pm
        • Permalink

        I think it’s a troll. Look at the emote. Even ignoring the capitalization and grammar. The emote gives away that they are trying to hard. Middle finger emotes look like:
        t(>.< t) or
        ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ or
        ..|..('_') ..|..
        So I say it's a troll because of bad emote. Obviously trying too hard.

      • Also, the poor taste in anime.

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