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So, here we are, about halfway through the new 12 episode animes and about a fifth through the 26 episode ones. This seems to be a great time for me to share with you, my beloved readers, my opinions on the new anime coming out. I shall take them in no particular order.


MM! is enjoyable enough. It is funny in a traditional ecchi sort of way. I tune in weekly and I watch with a smile on my face. That being said, MM! isn’t really doing too much in the way of furthering its genre. The characters are generally built around a single trait, usually some sort of perversion or hangup. While that is pretty standard for the genre, it doesn’t help distinguish the anime too much. As it stands, we have characters that haven’t been given too much in the way of depth just yet. A Tsundere, a Masochistic main character (Most harem main characters are masochists, I think this one is just more honest about it.), a girl that is afraid of men, a girl that is a hyper intelligent mad scientist loli… The most interesting character, thus far, is his best friend with the urge to crossdress… it is a shame that at his best, that character can only remind me of Aoi from Kaicho wa Maid-Sama.

Maybe MM! Will distinguish itself in its remaining episodes. Either way, I’m not going to drop it, I enjoy watching it… but I likely won’t force people to watch it as I’ve done with other comedy anime.

B –

Iron Man

Ah, Iron Man. This is the other side of the Heroman coin. Heroman always felt like an anime. It was set in America but everything felt more like a shonen anime than it did a superhero cartoon… No, that isn’t quite right… it didn’t feel like the glorious 90’s animated series I grew up with, Spiderman, Batman, X-Men… it felt more like the new superhero shows I see, the ones I barely classify as superheroes… Ben 10 comes to mind. But that is a rant for another day.

Iron Man, on the other hand, feels like an extension of the glory days of comic animated series. We have a traditional comic setup, flawed characters, episodic problems with non-episodic character relations and overtones. Foreshadowing abounds. We have cameos from other superheroes, indicating that these events are part of a larger tapestry… it feels like everything I’ve come to expect from MARVEL. Honestly, the episodes kind of take me back… I’ve never been the biggest Iron Man fan, just because I’ve never really enjoyed any of his villains… but watching him beat up these robots and speak Japanese in-character… I can’t help but love the man.



When I first saw Bakuman, I thought to myself “Is this the next Comic Party?” It felt like a spiritual successor… there are similarities, to be certain… but I dare say that they are actually two distinct and differing shows. The thing I like about that is that Comic Party was a show about a doujin artist with a comedy focus. Bakuman is a show about manga artist with a romantic focus. I can watch Comic Party and Bakuman with different parts of my brain and heart, despite them both being funny stories about guys who draw comics. In both of them, I love the glasses-wearing partner character that pushes the main character to draw. In both of them I prefer the secondary female character with her hair tied back to the main female character… but not for the  main character, just in general.

The main part where Bakuman shines and steps beyond Comic Party is how it tackles deeper and more meaningful portions of human life. It is a show about dreams, love, life… my favorite character‘s name is Otokono Roman. He became my favorite character in the span of 2 minutes. It took me a lot longer to grow to love any of the characters in Comic Party and ALL of them had more screen time than Roman.


Samurai Girls

Somewhere deep in the heart of ecchi anime, there dwells the beast known as Samurai Girls… I’m really not sure what to make of this show just yet. There are times at which the art adopts some sort of strange ink-splattered style that isn’t particularly pleasant to look upon… fanservice abounds… They keep hinting that maybe eventually something deep and important might happen… but for now, it is just a story about how some annoying samurai girls annoy a bland and unappealing samurai main character. I can’t even remember his name. In my mind, he is “That guy who disarmed that girl in a really cool way.” Yagyu something… the fact that his personal name isn’t important to me might say something about him…

I’m probably going to keep watching Samurai Girls… but if it is just more Samurai-themed fanservice with the occasional Negima-style power-up sequence… I’m out.


The World God Only Knows

This one is particularly interesting to me. I love what they have done with the main character. He is a gamer. He is a gamer like me, he is a gamer like guys I know… hell, I could be this guy under the right set of circumstances (and with his selection of PFP games…) The great thing about it though: He applies game logic to anime AND IT WORKS. Around the same time that we, the otaku sitting at home watching the show are saying “Oh, shes some kind of rich tsundere” he is explaining to his stupid sidekick exactly how it is that he knows she is a tsundere. “Blonde hair, twin-tails, rich… if she were short it would be a 100% certainty.” “Ah, shes wearing 6 inch platform shoes!”

If I have one complaint about this one it is the annoying sequence that goes along with the premise. He has made a deal with the devil to hunt down escaped souls. The escaped souls reside in the hearts of maidens. He has to force the souls out of their hearts with the power of love so they can be captured… so following the most deep and touching moment of the episode, the stupid sidekick will SCREAM LOUDLY AND WHIP OUT A GIANT JAR, CAPTURING THE SOUL WITH BRIGHT COLORS AND THE POWER OF CUTE HELL! If you stand those, the rest is pretty enjoyable. It is one of those shows that is being carried entirely by it’s main character though… his sidekick isn’t helping.


Ore No Imouto Ga Konna Ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai

Or, in English, My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute. It is a good story. We have a normal and extremely likable high school male main character. He comes to find out that his sister is an otaku, not just an otaku, mind you, but an otaku with a little sister fetish. She collects imouto-themed galge, hugging pillows, dvds, you name it. Anyways, she has hidden her obsession for years, as it would hinder her hip and trendy lifestyle. As such, shes become a tsundere… and he has to help her… out of brotherly love.

I’m really enjoying it. The conversations between nerds of differing fandoms are amazingly accurate. They have two made up anime they keep coming back to and if you have ever been in an anime club or had anime friends of differing tastes, the conversations between her and KURONEKO are hilarious. Add in a few well placed side characters and you have yourself a decent show.


Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail





  1. Where’s Ore no Imouto you sad sack of crap!!! I’ll Kill you!!!

    • Oh right… I guess I forgot it. ^_^

      • There. Fixed for all future viewers.


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