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So, I was watching Mitsudomoe, having a good time… and then they hit me with this.

It hit me right in the heart. Oh God, I thought, this is the last episode… I will never see these girls again… IT’S AZUMANGA DAIOH ALL OVER AGAIN! I actually waved goodbye back. In the brief 5 second period in which this image of them waving bye-bye was on the screen, I had a brief period of mourning.

It is never easy, letting a decent series go. Sometimes, rarely, you are blessed enough to get an ending that ties everything up for you and gives you closure. Gungrave was the best series ever for that. More often, though, the characters have lives that they need to go on living and you feel left out… sure, evil is defeated and the land is saved… but what about that girl? And that mystery? And that guy who said that “One day, I will repay this favor”?! WILL HE EVER REPAY THAT FAVOR?!

Ah, but then we have Mitsudomoe, Azumanga Daioh, School Rumble, Genshiken… anime about life and people living it. Their lives don’t just end with the series. Surely, these characters are going on, living out lives that we will never see. It is simply that we are forced at some point to say goodbye.

It is a saddening realization. This is the last episode. I will never again see these characters. It is the ultimate last step for the “slice of life” genre. If you haven’t seen Azumanga Daioh, I strongly urge you to watch it just for the powerful feeling it will leave in your chest… The last episode, all of the girls have to say their goodbyes. They will be friends forever, certainly, and they will see eachother again… but it is goodbye. A very real and powerful goodbye, the kind that you have experienced before and will experience again. Lives diverging, people who walked side-by-side with you, walking down a different path… then, at the very end, they walk away… and that is when you realize that you, too, must say goodbye. You can recommend the anime to other people, you can rewatch it… but that first time, the powerful feeling that you get there… it is something special.




  1. 😥

  2. I know how you feel. This happens to me… a lot. Every time I watch a good anime… *tears up*


    If you don’t make friends, it never hurts when no one goes away…

    • I love you Jordan. And you love Konata, Nagato and Taiga… ALL OF WHICH ARE GONE FOREVER!

  4. this always happens to my at the end of great long book series for all the same reasons, you watch a group of people and even a world develop then BLAM, your kicked out often with hundreds of unanswered questions

    • Indeed. Even if they aren’t particularly great or long, the separation can feel painful. I think it hurts most when they pretend they aren’t ending. They leave you on a cliffhanger and the fanfiction writers swarm like sharks. T_T

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