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Alright, folks. I’m headed off to enjoy myself away from my computer for a few days. Try not to burn the website down while I’m gone.

Before I go though, a brief word on beach/hot spring episodes. You will notice, in most animes, there will be a beach or hot spring episode, an episode where the characters will set everything aside, pack up and ship off to some relaxing locale. This is because of a desire that we, the fans, have to see what the characters are like during their relaxing moments. We want to see how they behave outside of the normal framework of the show. This applies to any show, really. By seeing the characters operating outside their routines, we hope to glimpse a little bit more about them as characters.

For instance, the Full Metal Panic! episodes where they go to the beach. One was used as a beautiful metaphor for Sousuke’s distance from Chidori, but lets ignore that one for right now. Let’s focus on the one where Sousuke can’t calm down with so many potential threats around, but is so distracted that he lets Kaname practically get kidnapped out from under him. She then beats the shit out of a rich kid with poor health.

Just watch it for a bit.

Then, Sousuke storms the place SWAT style to get her back. Was it a fun episode? Yes. Did we get to see the characters behaving in vacation mode? Yes. (Poor Sousuke can’t relax and poor Kaname can’t catch a break.) Did I use it as an example JUST because I wanted to use that gif I’ve been saving for years? Maybe.

Tom out!


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  1. For the record, overall, you are are right about vacation episodes, half of the time. The other half of the time and for hot springs episodes, there is one purpose, and one purpose alone:

    Fan service.

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