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So, I was eating a delicious breakfast of curry and rice, earlier, watching some Adventure Time while I did. I was trying to think about what I would write here today and, luckily for me, Adventure Time inspired me. You see, Adventure Time is a great show for me because it presents pure nonsense in a very matter-of-fact way. It is almost like dreaming, within the realm of the dream everything makes sense. I turned the rock into a turkey because rocks can do that and why WOULDN’T I? Much like dreaming, I find that sort of program to be refreshing when it is properly done. It lets me shift my brain into neutral and coast.

Colorful is an anime that is much the same. Alas, I can’t embed the video for Colorful on the blog as it contains nudity and insanity. Feel free to follow that link and set your mind on neutral. It is a trip, flying coach the entire way. There are no leather seats, there are no extra pillows, there is only the crying baby that is your subconscious.

Why does the meaningless and random seem to appeal so much? I’m looking at YOU, Studio Shaft! Potemayo? Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei? These are celebrations of the “answer unasked for”. They will gently massage your brain with canola oil, preheat it to 360 degrees and inflate until inner-tube is firm to touch. Here, watch this.

Now, try to unwatch it. YOU CAN’T!

Symbols without signifiers. Beautiful Fu king indeed. There is a small group within the anime community that appreciates the appeal of a dash of chaos. A little bit of insanity. The bending of the preconceptions of anime itself. A lot of them seem to work at Studio Shaft. Go figure. Ah, but Studio Shaft is good at it. You swim past the chaos to find the story… your mind begins accepting the chaos, your mind begins BENDING AROUND THE CHAOS. WITHIN THE MADNESS YOU FIND SANITY! THE EYE OF THE STORM WHERE ALL THE WINDS ARE CALM! Also, they are darn good shows. ^_^

If they aren’t darn good shows and you are just trying to apply the surreal for the sake of the surreal, I suppose you would end up with The Diary of Tortov Roddle.

This is your anime on drugs.

I often wonder about the use of chaos as a technique in anime… so often it seems that animes these days follow such set patterns that it is refreshing to see one shatter the mold, glue the pieces into a bird, toss it off the edge of a cliff and watch it fly away.


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  1. I couldn’t agree more. There was actually a point where I stopped watching anime because I already felt like I knew how every series would go… and I did.

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